on-site sales

We will work with you to develop a strategy, coordinate merchant services and assist in staffing your on-site merchandise sales


ON-site strategy

The days of just setting up a booth and sitting back to collect are long gone. Your merchandise location needs an on-site sales strategy that’s specialized to your demographic. We treat booths like brick and mortars.

Select staffing

People want to connect with other people. We choose nothing but the very best personnel to assist our clients with their tours. Personable, fun, smart, and capable of selling product.


How products are arranged can have a massive effect on your sales. We know what to put up front, in the back, and everywhere in between.


We’ll help project revenue and sales so that we know when to stock up and what to stock up on.


We make the payment process as quick and easy as possible for our client’s fans. We accept any and all forms of payment, whatever is easiest.