Best-in-class merchandising solutions & brand management services.

At Top Drawer Merch, we are masters of the fundamentals and we possess an insatiable appetite for creativity and innovation.

Top Drawer Merch isn't just your typical agency, it's a revolution in merchandise operations and brand management. We are not just service providers, we are storytellers, enthusiasts, and innovators. We don't just work with big names, we help create them.

Our mission is simple - to provide the highest caliber merchandise solutions and brand management services to world-class musicians, industry leading festivals & events, championship athletes, innovative creators, leading-edge blockchain projects, and influential brands spanning a variety of industries across the globe.

clients served

Delivering unparalleled
core services.

Our core services are designed to maximize revenue and profitability from merchandise, create or identify new ways to sell products, streamline the aggregation and analysis of data across all selling channels, and develop innovative solutions that enhance the customer shopping experience both in-person and online.

Product development, production & sourcing

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Creative direction, branding & design

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eCommerce, UX design & headless development

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eCommerce & live event customer service

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Event merch ops, on-site selling & touring

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Marketing, photography videography & advertising

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Fulfillment, global logistics & distribution

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Software development, automation & technology

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Blockchain, web3 app development, & NFTs

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Nurturing a diverse roster
of ambitious brands.

Partnering with titans
of many industries.

Music & entertainment

Serving top-tier musicians, record labels, festivals, creators, platforms, publishers, and film studios.

Lifestyle brands

Serving world renowned brands in street & athletic wear, food and beverage, cannabis, and more.

Professional Sports

Serving elite athletes, sporting events, sports leagues, eSports teams, and eSport gaming companies.


Serving leading-edge NFT collections, layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains, blockchain protocols, and more.
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