Global customer service

Our customer service team ensures quick and knowledgeable responses across various platforms such as email, social media, and live chat. We monitor these channels closely, providing comprehensive support. 

With our cutting-edge support platform, we deliver multilingual assistance at high volumes, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This streamlined approach fosters clear communication and accountability within our team.

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Branded self-service help desks

Knowledgebase & FAQ management

Live chat widgets on all stores

AI, SMS, and Discord support

Social media monitoring

Fraud & chargeback prevention

Proactive customer outreach

Masters of
the fundamentals.

Product development, production & sourcing

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Creative direction, branding & design

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eCommerce, UX design & headless development

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eCommerce & live event customer service

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Event merch ops, on-site selling & touring

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Marketing, photography videography & advertising

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Fulfillment, global logistics & distribution

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Software development, automation & technology

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Blockchain, web3 app development, & NFTs

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